Friday, December 17, 2010

visit me in black

to hold you so close,
so very near,
as if i had something to hide.
i don't mean to impose,
to you my dear,
so you'd take my side.

to crawl behind a door,
as a hideous outcast,
begging for some scattered pity.
i lay strengthless on the floor,
your first is my last,
come visit me pretty.

endless is the dream,
as is my sorrow,
like a straightforward shot to the head.
have no self esteem,
sleep through tomorrow,
lay your heart down, the love is dead.

i feel like a rapist,
a violent dictator,
with the will to subdue the weak.
your name in my list,
go on, do your labor,
repeat, repeat, repeat, you freak.

innocent little girl's eyes,
painted on your shell,
how far will grow that illusion?
say the truth so she cries,
there is no one to tell,
bruised skin bleeds confusion.

i believe this is for you,
smells like a surprise,
a beautiful black wedding dress.
i could ask who,
which wouldn't be nice,
two hearts alone are such a mess.

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