Monday, December 20, 2010

the last good man standing

how i long for freedom, dear lord.
will peace ever find it's way in?
such is the abundance of hypocrisy,
it's making me feel ill.
lies just spread so fast,
the elderly, the young, the stillborn.
how can the heart remain pure,
when it's beaten every day?
the lust conquers the world,
but a few remain still.
fools, they too will come around.
the demand for acceptance,
the need for entertainment and joy.
deceit exists to make it easy,
practical, smooth.
lets us destroy our brethren,
we'll celebrate and say grace.
open the graves, walk on the dead,
make them feel the cold step
of pish once more.
how i long to be freed,
have my heart removed,
there is no need for such a vile thing.

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