Saturday, December 4, 2010

ode to nonsense

wings and strings
are the ingredients of kings.
dust and spice
make terrible ice.
mountain tops high
peep above from the sky.
who are you
and who am i?

treasure holds near
what used to give us fear.
island shuts down
and hides below the ground.
another city falls
striped down of its walls.
dear lonely princess
is my name on your calls?

baby sits still
as he has his own will.
workers go home
and have dinner all alone.
fat women dance
even they stand a chance.
but what if i
could have just one glance?

remember what to forget
forget what you regret.
i'll put on my new hat
take a good look at that.
lets take a dive in the sea
it's quite cold you see.
if i dare talk to you
would you kindly look at me?

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