Saturday, July 30, 2011

fairness awareness

some friends i have here,
others i have over there.
but the good ones are away,
and that's just not fair.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

stalker girl

she used to peep,
with growing wonder.
you could only notice
her silhouette in thunder.

she liked to stare
with her marble eyes,
and if you caught her
she'd tell you lies.

she was unwanted,
but she didn't care.
she kept a camera
hidden in her hair.

she felt lonely,
'cause he had a girl.
so she made a boy
and named him earl.

that boy she made
was entirely clay,
but it'd make her smile
through every day.

in her little heart,
there is a resting fire:
to watch him close
is her big desire.

one tragic day,
earl fell down the stairs.
her mother said
"it's clay, who cares?"

she ran away,
hid in a tree,
and there she wished
to drown in the sea.

"come out of there,
go ride a bike.
why won't you try
to see that boy you like?"

she sat by the window
watching him sleep,
but when he woke up
he called her a creep.

with her heart broken,
she could take no more,
and ended her life
off the seven floor.

now that she's gone
and part of the sky,
she still watches the boy
with her marble eye.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


screaming voices of those i thought were dead.
        male and female, the youth and the elderly.
they are all in here, inside my eerie head.
        words have never emerged so clearly,
                as those whispers echoing in my inner ear,
                as the visions i have of sally — my sweet dear.

i traveled many, many miles from far, far away.
        the background has changed, but nothing more.
companions appeared, but none would stay.
        one thing remains true, and of that i am sure,
                my everlasting love will be waiting with a smile,
                my sweet, sweet sally — whom i left for a while.

step by step, i forth into the porch and front door.
        the crows are whistling my favorite call.
i gaze upon her body, resting on the bloody floor.
        pity me — that my heart has never felt so small,
                as the day those voices laid my hands on her chest,
                and my dear, dear sally made me a wondering guest.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

wings of love

between you and me and you,
a lullaby that used to be ever so sad.
out of all the things that i never had,
one still remains wished for.
oh, that much certainly is true!

between me and you and me,
there is a teaspoon of so shy, fragile love.
because there was never a blue sky above,
these wings have not evolved.
oh, that much certainly cannot be!

amongst the yours and mine and yours,
innocent eyes never gazed upon sweetness before.
a dark room, with no windows and just one door,
confinement for the true blind.
oh, there you lay upon the seven floors!

amongst the mine and yours and mine,
addressed letters - written - but never sent.
many have been the sleepless nights that i've spent,
fantasizing about knowing you.
oh, there you lay where i decline!

Monday, July 25, 2011

disgusting feeling

i always thought dreams were meant for those unsuitable to love.

Friday, July 22, 2011

counting stars

hello, beautiful woman.
i want to show you all the stars.
all the stars in the night,
in all the nights in the sky,
in all the skies in the world,
in all the worlds of the universe.
lets count them together,
start from number one,
and give them names.
let's make them our own,
nobody else's.
and when we reach a thousand,
we may kiss.
our very first kiss,
repeated endlessly,
in that dark background.
we shall treasure this moment,
under the bright moonlight,
for every aeon that passes by.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i am a man, but i'm still your man

today is the day, for me, to do as i please and say.
still you scream to go fuck myself, and i comply.

Monday, July 4, 2011

to you, my delusions

i thought you were the one,
then i thought you were at least one,
but, as it turned out, you were no one at all,
just a piece of paper, pinned on my wall.