Monday, March 24, 2014

the return

then one day, by the break of dawn,
i am returned, not full but broken,
without memory of ever being gone,
carrying in my hand your token.

it's a gift, a painful reminder
that my absence passed unnoticed,
for i am the lousiest survivor
to ever leave your dreams enticed.

alas, i bring back not regret,
but adventurous stories of awe
that i must tell — soon i'll forget
those wonderful things i saw.

since i came, i've been alone
as alone now as i was before,
never has unexplainably grown
ever a love inside my core.

i treasure you, i bring you back
in rooted memories i cannot tear,
nor your friend — a beast named jack
shan't unsettle our unlove affair.

before the end, i'll love again
as deep as the abyss i've been,
because i'll allow no other men
to ever touch your perfect skin.