Friday, December 27, 2019

fairy tale

he walked right past her,
while studying the map,
wondering where things were
as the day he did unwrap.

she gave him quite the stare
and his heart right there it fell
while her hair hovered the air
and she left that scented smell.

but – oh! – Lord, would you look at that
how magical some things are,
how beautiful to look at
even when seen from afar.

he was heading to some other place
and her path was in the way,
in a haste, by her, he did pace
but he didn't stop and say "hey!"

so he forgot her and headed straight
until a whisper carried her lullaby
and that held him down – he was late! –
oh..! no he wasn't, that's just a lie.

and that eerie road was softly warmed
by the fading siren's curtain call,
that sweet and sour song transformed
the poor boy's heart 'to nothing at all.

it had been raining probably earlier
as the streets behaved like a mirror,
and down he went, the journeyer,
forever closer, but never nearer.