Thursday, November 3, 2011

your name, your form, your life, lenore!

thy name, thy name, thy name is lenore!
of that — and only that — I'm completely sure.
what is the beautiful grasp I've not heard before?
oh! it's the name on the plate hanging on my bedroom door.

thy form, thy form — it sings me a dare.
I'm a fool of a man, pretending not to care!
what is the beautiful dream you longed for us to share?
oh! it's the promise to stay, always here but never there.

your life, my life, this forsaken life — I wonder...
the lust to live it has ever been fainter.
what is the beautiful song you sang me when younger?
oh! it's the melody they played when first I found her.

lenore, dearest lenore, quit hiding and rest,
step once more over the bones in my chest
what is the beautiful moment that faded so fast?
oh! it's painted memory of an imaginary past.

I saw you again — believing it, I tremble,
as if hearing a dark requiem string ensemble.
what is the beautiful gaze that breaths as an angel?
oh! it's my heart resting in your restless wamble.

I loved you better when I knew not your name, lenore!
those days were a vicious game I played until nevermore.
but reminiscing about those lost times of yore,
ain't bringing you back. you're dead, lenore!