Sunday, January 4, 2015

walking alone with you

hey! are you there?
listen closely
to the words i have to say
before i change my mind.

i've traveled everywhere
and it's lovely
to think that you can stay
a little in my mind.

i think that i should,
in my head,
take you out for a ride
and then we'll be fine.

bring me the good
and the bad,
i don't care what you decide
as long as you're mine.

i didn't think i could walk alone...

hey, can i come?
i can't wait,
been thinking all day long
of when i'll be with you.

it's leaving me numb,
oh! this fate
that's pulling me so strong
always towards you.

i think that i can
what the others talk about
when they mention love.

believe that i ran
through this land
and now i have no doubt
that you are the best of.

i don't want to go on all alone...