Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I love you, because... how could I not?

I love you.

...do I? do I really?

I'm quite certain that I do!

...how can I be so certain?

I cannot know, but I can feel it and I feel it just like that!

...so what exactly do I feel?

I can't explain it, I can't put it into words, I can't write a song about it and I can't paint it in all the colours of the rainbow. I feel a sudden rush of blood flowing — no! — bursting through my veins and racing fiercely towards my heart and pumping it as hard as my chest will stand it — even harder — so much it pains me with every single thrust! but that's not it, that's not even the start of it! that's just the droplet that fell from the waves shadowing the sun and threatening to drown me in my own misery... and such great misery is only due to the fact that you're not with me and I'm not even present in the sighs of your thoughts.

...and what is this thing that can't be explained, that can't be put into words or song and can't even be painted with all the colours of the rainbow?

it's love, foolish love, blinded, bounded and gagged love, all the mistakes we can ever make bundled together into one single word — love!

...such a thing, if it were to be real, would certainly be inhumane! would it not?

my dear friend, now you finally understand, for love is truthfully the most inhumane thing that ever dared to be conceived — and it was conceived! and love became the behemoth of cruelty when someone loved for the first time and such inconceivable evil was allowed physical presence in our world.

...how can I then submit to such a thing?

how could I not?

Sunday, May 1, 2016

your greatest hero

you called out my name behind the curtains in your window
like you needed the protection from whom was once your greatest hero
and you said "please go away, for I don't want you anymore"
and I heard your voice was muffled from the barricaded door

you said you've been pushing this just for far too long
and I asked "baby, won't you tell me where all it went so wrong?"
and you said "dear John, I'm so sorry for all the things that I do,
but I just can't bind myself to the idea of someone like you"

somewhere in your life you thought that I was good enough,
but somehow I screwed up and now you're throwing out my stuff
and I can't recall the last time that we kissed with desire,
'cause now our flame burns just like a funeral pyre

won't you take my hand and ride with me through the veins of time?
we'll make a stop in the moment I was yours and you were mine,
maybe you've just grown accustomed to my face
and I would rip it off for good, 'cause it's you I can't replace

Sunday, April 10, 2016

blinded by love

I have a girl that mostly I never see,
since that perfect day when she finally came to me
and I saw my eyes were only blinding me
so she took her knife and rip them to my plea

I have a girl...
I have a girl...

I have a girl that mostly I never feel,
since the cold struck touch of her sharp knife's steel,
but now that I'm free everything seems so real
and this love I've found will allow me to heal

I have a girl...
I have a girl...

I have a girl that mostly I never hear,
since the day I met her in december of last year
and I've kept my heart closed for her my dear
for the love will vanish if I open it I fear

I have a girl...
I have a girl...

I used to have a girl in those days of being mad,
even if she wasn't real, she was the best I've ever had,
with her around I didn't know I felt so glad
but now she's gone and it hurts to feel this sad

I had a girl...
I had a girl...

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

goodbye, sweet honeyed words

I see you standing there across the ocean,
looking back at me through the lens,
as if just standing still could stop the motion
and I was here waiting on my knees

don't you try to sell me your sweet words,
I think I might have lost my appetite
and you paint yourself so high among the lords,
can't you see you're just wanted for the night?

I feel your heart's desire riding with the wind,
announcing that it's just passing by
and the thought of chasing you did cross my mind,
but you had just said goodbye

so don't you go and feed me your honey,
my soul is still filled with the void
and you thought I was just being funny
about all the time you made me paranoid

you came back that night without warning,
certain that I'd take you in my arms,
because I loved you deeply in the morning
and the night still smelled of your charms

so don't you try and kiss me like you do,
don't you dare hold my head,
your absence fed this love that I grew
and your presence will just drive me mad
and I'd rather be dead