Saturday, February 21, 2015

in my head

as i lay sitting at night in my bed,
i've all these fantasies crawling
and all these dreams are calling,
teasing me up inside my head.

i shut my eyes as if i were dead,
darkness enters my tired thought
and to live a dream i desire not
unless i'm trapped inside my head.

echoing are the words that she said
as if a busy train from north to south
as if acid rain came out of her mouth
and all the drops fell into my head.

messages were written but never read
for blind i was and could not see
that only death could set me free —
even if i'm only dead in my head.

in my bed, where you have bled,
there is a spot that makes it true,
someone was here and it was you
...or was it all inside my head?

i get up startled from my bed
and stare at the spot that's vivid red,
how could it ever have driven me mad
if i didn't made you inside my head?

i have a wish: i wish i was dead,
but that wish i wish, then i wish it not
for i want to wish and i wish a lot
that i'm as dead as i am in my head.