Sunday, May 1, 2016

your greatest hero

you called out my name behind the curtains in your window
like you needed the protection from whom was once your greatest hero
and you said "please go away, for I don't want you anymore"
and I heard your voice was muffled from the barricaded door

you said you've been pushing this just for far too long
and I asked "baby, won't you tell me where all it went so wrong?"
and you said "dear John, I'm so sorry for all the things that I do,
but I just can't bind myself to the idea of someone like you"

somewhere in your life you thought that I was good enough,
but somehow I screwed up and now you're throwing out my stuff
and I can't recall the last time that we kissed with desire,
'cause now our flame burns just like a funeral pyre

won't you take my hand and ride with me through the veins of time?
we'll make a stop in the moment I was yours and you were mine,
maybe you've just grown accustomed to my face
and I would rip it off for good, 'cause it's you I can't replace