Friday, October 26, 2012

the runaway loaf of bread

there once was a boy
who lived in the city
and even without joy
he always was zippy.

that boy was very poor
and he smelled pretty bad,
for the clothes that he wore
were all that he had.

after ninety-nine days,
he saved ninety-nine quarters
in many different ways
for the baker's daughters.

then, he set out to buy
the biggest loaf of bread
and if you'd ask me why
i'd tell you what he said:

"i was hungry before
and i'll be hungry again,
but not today, kind sir,
for i'll eat some grain!"

but as he stepped out,
from the baker's door,
all we heard was a shout
coming from the store.

"robbers, please go,
i've nothing for you
nor a wallet to show
hidden from view!"

nobody took care,
so the boy was alone
to handle the affair
on a heart of stone.

then, one robber said:
"i see that you've got
that big loaf of bread.
is it true or is it not?"

"'tis true, vile crook!
for all you may take
is but a quick look —
mind your own sake!"

the threat didn't stand
and away they went
with their prize in hand
and the boy discontent.

not half an hour later,
there came the police
and found a trashed paper —
but it was only a piece!

on the paper 't was written
an unknown address
and the order was given:
"let's clear out this mess!"

all hurried to the scene
and then opened the door
to find everything clean,
but a bottle on the floor.

suddenly, a drunk appeared
holding the loaf of bread
and everyone cheered
that he had not yet fed.

he was asked how
he came in such possession,
but he was drunk — even now
and so ended that question.

and the boy got back
his precious stolen good,
but it was all black —
it didn't resemble food.

let me fill you in the details:
the bread fell to the floor
where it got covered in nails
and hair and dirt and more.

then, the robbers ran
as they heard the commotion
and devised the plan
to meet back at the ocean.

"my bottle must've shrunk,
but what's this that i spot?
it might just be junk
or it might be not."

said the town drunk
as he picked up the bread
and stored it in his trunk —
something he didn't had!

't was when the baker
and all his daughters agreed
to offer their little neighbor
some more bread and mead.

my friends, do rejoice
for all ended quite well
and if i had the choice —
oh, the stories i'd tell!

let me ease your fears
about those evil men,
in prison they'll spend years —
let's say... at least, ten!

Friday, October 5, 2012

the bird in a cage

once upon a forgotten time, long before someone started tracking,
i wondered how that marvelous creature endured such horrible racking.
from the skies there came flapping a black feathered friendly fellow,
whose name i cannot tell, for i was hiding in the meadow,
and from that shadow i stood very still and silently still i clearly saw
that which to this day i cannot forget and still stare back in awe.

"how cheerfully they laugh and play, god's innocent little plums,
but corruption conquers their hearts when darkness calmly comes,"
i thought, studying the phenomenon with my hidden eagle eyes,
it spread violently towards me, entangling me in vile lies,
and from those lies i saw a void - darker than the depths of earth,
that such eerie being couldn't ever be born by means of natural birth.

i tried to use the language of the stars, but was unable to speak,
every movement was carefully planned not to make a single creak.
i should've known better - that such tenderness was an evil blur,
how could've i anticipated the events that were about to occur?
the innocent winged fellow was locked in a cage - a very rusty cage,
surely unable to stretch or fly - as all he could do was wait and age.

how marvelous did he look, lost in a lingering slumber -
that he couldn't be wakened by the most violent thunder.
and that devil - that childish demon - fancied the black bird dead,
but at night - that childish demon - couldn't sleep alone in his bed.
he would moan, groan, sigh and sob until the very break of dawn,
unless he had his caged crow and all the darkness was gone.

then the boy and all his friends - with their eerie trends - agreed:
that to them the bird belonged and was to never be freed.
thus, the ritual begun - i saw - and the bird became very numb,
for the children did pluck his shadowy feathers one by one.
but it didn't move - as a creature would - and it didn't make a sound,
only i seemed to hurt, as i laid crying on the ground.

now, that time has passed and the boys are fully grown,
their cruel secret shall be kept another story unknown.
but their murderous eyes - with joyous joy - tainted my dreams,
so i've searched every store and tried all the vaccines
just to remain broken on the floor - as my soul tried to soar.
i shall forget you nevermore, my dear bird - whom i adore.