Wednesday, December 21, 2011


come savor the vile lies,
standing before the truth,
she knows how hard he tries.

come play with the miserable boy,
it features a pumping heart,
ain't he a lovable toy?

come kill the frightened one,
smother it with baring hands,
under the cold barrel of a gun.

come sing the requiem carol,
dance until time is no more
and the land is cold and sterile.

come feast the human flesh,
which i cut from my own,
and taste the tears as they're fresh.

come sleep alongside tonight,
i promise you the whole world,
morning makes the wrong right.

come unannounced in a dream,
maybe even a dark nightmare,
wake me in a piercing scream.

come again beast, lover or ghost,
bring the worries and the bones,
your company appeases me the most.

come see with your own criers,
the simple joy of being dead,
where youth never expires.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

this i do, this i don't

i am capable of every imaginable thing, just to make you stay.
and then, i would probably do double that to push you away.