Sunday, April 28, 2013

bedtime story

somedays when i'm alone,
i wish that you were here.
somedays when i stare at the sun,
i wish that i could bring it near.

i feel useless and i feel restless
every time we're set apart,
i'm in need of a real princess
that'll take care of my aching heart.

have you heard a song
of ill gotten love and glory?
well, let me tell you
and it won't take long
for it's just a bedtime story.

can i take you far
and let you sleep all day?
well, let me tell you
i love all you are
and you take my breath away.

you know i wrote these words
with you on my mind,
and i know you love birds
'cause your heart is pure and kind.

but somedays you feel at bay
as a bird trapped in a cage,
just remember i'll always stay
and appease your growing rage.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

i wish, but i can't

i wish i could hand you your dreams on a plate.
i can't...
...but i won't stop trying.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

forgive this relentless love

how can a man know your abyss,
when you lock yourself out of words?
i try to read you with a kiss,
but your mind just wanders like birds.

if i knew how to make you glad,
i'd be as happy as a man can be,
i'd give up all i've ever had
and just hold you next to me.

you've been hurt and so have i,
but as one we can heal
and never will we ask why
we feel the way we feel.

our love is like a vicious game
we grow very anxious to play
as we whisper each other's name
for every second we're away.

forgiveness is all i ever ask
for loving you as much as i can.
because i threw away my mask,
i am now a jealous man.