Sunday, April 28, 2013

bedtime story

somedays when i'm alone,
i wish that you were here.
somedays when i stare at the sun,
i wish that i could bring it near.

i feel useless and i feel restless
every time we're set apart,
i'm in need of a real princess
that'll take care of my aching heart.

have you heard a song
of ill gotten love and glory?
well, let me tell you
and it won't take long
for it's just a bedtime story.

can i take you far
and let you sleep all day?
well, let me tell you
i love all you are
and you take my breath away.

you know i wrote these words
with you on my mind,
and i know you love birds
'cause your heart is pure and kind.

but somedays you feel at bay
as a bird trapped in a cage,
just remember i'll always stay
and appease your growing rage.

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