Wednesday, July 27, 2011


screaming voices of those i thought were dead.
        male and female, the youth and the elderly.
they are all in here, inside my eerie head.
        words have never emerged so clearly,
                as those whispers echoing in my inner ear,
                as the visions i have of sally — my sweet dear.

i traveled many, many miles from far, far away.
        the background has changed, but nothing more.
companions appeared, but none would stay.
        one thing remains true, and of that i am sure,
                my everlasting love will be waiting with a smile,
                my sweet, sweet sally — whom i left for a while.

step by step, i forth into the porch and front door.
        the crows are whistling my favorite call.
i gaze upon her body, resting on the bloody floor.
        pity me — that my heart has never felt so small,
                as the day those voices laid my hands on her chest,
                and my dear, dear sally made me a wondering guest.

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