Thursday, July 28, 2011

stalker girl

she used to peep,
with growing wonder.
you could only notice
her silhouette in thunder.

she liked to stare
with her marble eyes,
and if you caught her
she'd tell you lies.

she was unwanted,
but she didn't care.
she kept a camera
hidden in her hair.

she felt lonely,
'cause he had a girl.
so she made a boy
and named him earl.

that boy she made
was entirely clay,
but it'd make her smile
through every day.

in her little heart,
there is a resting fire:
to watch him close
is her big desire.

one tragic day,
earl fell down the stairs.
her mother said
"it's clay, who cares?"

she ran away,
hid in a tree,
and there she wished
to drown in the sea.

"come out of there,
go ride a bike.
why won't you try
to see that boy you like?"

she sat by the window
watching him sleep,
but when he woke up
he called her a creep.

with her heart broken,
she could take no more,
and ended her life
off the seven floor.

now that she's gone
and part of the sky,
she still watches the boy
with her marble eye.

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