Tuesday, July 26, 2011

wings of love

between you and me and you,
a lullaby that used to be ever so sad.
out of all the things that i never had,
one still remains wished for.
oh, that much certainly is true!

between me and you and me,
there is a teaspoon of so shy, fragile love.
because there was never a blue sky above,
these wings have not evolved.
oh, that much certainly cannot be!

amongst the yours and mine and yours,
innocent eyes never gazed upon sweetness before.
a dark room, with no windows and just one door,
confinement for the true blind.
oh, there you lay upon the seven floors!

amongst the mine and yours and mine,
addressed letters - written - but never sent.
many have been the sleepless nights that i've spent,
fantasizing about knowing you.
oh, there you lay where i decline!

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