Monday, December 6, 2010

very little men stories

every now and then i see,
very little men behind me.
'what might you want' i do ask,
'we order you to perform a task!'
'i obey no will but my own!'
'do this and we'll leave you alone.'
reluctantly i answer 'okay.'
the bigger one goes on to say:
'we want you to reach for the sky.'
'it seems rather difficult', i reply.
'we will offer you flying wings.'
oh, they are quite peculiar beings!
'when i get there what should i do?'
'beat the beast that's bigger than you!'
'how can i if it's bigger than me?'
'it's only bigger depending on how you see,
use your wings to get our of reach!'
sure these men know how to teach.
high above the clouds i observe the beast,
seems to be preparing for a big feast.
i fly over it once or twice,
it doesn't seem to be very nice.
those men aren't easy to fright,
they said it attacks during the night.
i close the mighty wings behind by back,
like an eagle, a falcon, i ready an attack.
and just like that the beast is done,
but i wonder if it was the only one.
i hurry to tell the men,
they listen and they understand.
they leave and bury it in the past,
but forgetting is not so fast.
every now and then they came,
to remember the beast no one can tame.
the bigger ones used to say
'thank you' for what i did that day.
and so the story is told,
but the future is yet to unfold.

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