Thursday, December 16, 2010

roses for the dead

i bring you roses for your dead,
because mine, i do not care.
i found angels crying on the other side,
they shed their tears for you.
what have you done, my child?
are those horrors forever banned?
let me tell you that i searched,
i called and found no god.
the beauty of life is simple,
we were left all alone on our own,
to make our destiny.
can we choose do be destroyed?
yes, we can.
the angels arrange the bed for the final sleep,
they carry you in their arms,
showing you the world one last time.
i bring you roses for the dead,
they are to be remembered.
time makes its efforts to erase them,
but we fight back with flashbacks.
on the turning away from this world,
we abandon pain and trouble,
come to terms with the demons inside.
as we reach the final destination,
the angels depart for others
and we can find ourselves all alone,
in the mist of the night.
here the weak and the strong unite,
they are one and only,
for one cannot do without the other.
i return my soul to my body,
bounding it in synchronization with my mind.
you still haven't answered my question,
what horrors did you do?

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