Friday, December 3, 2010

my father's father

my father's father you're my friend,
though your life has found an end.
and if i find it hard to smile,
you'll always be there for a while.

said on the first day of school,
'don't worry boy, you are cool'.
and that i had grown up to be,
the kind of man you wished to see.

when i headed for the war,
i knew that i'd be back for sure,
because grandpa taught me to fight
and always to do what's right.

speaking the words that no one hears,
sends away all of the sadness and fears.
and even though we are far apart,
you'll never leave here from my heart.

when i headed for romance,
i knew i always stood a chance,
because grandpa told me the plan
of how to be a gentleman.

so now please tell me the truth,
was it all just a dream of youth?
i really wanted to change the world,
but then i too became tired and old.

now i stumble upon the death,
i know i can't survive it's cold breath.
still grandpa told me not to cry,
because it's never really goodbye.

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