Saturday, December 25, 2010


once upon a time,
there was a little boy,
his name was joe mcroy
and sang for a dime.

he lived in the cemetery,
ashes on the playground,
full of toys, lost and found,
but the night, truly scary.

a crush on betty harlington,
she lived in the grave to the right,
every night a star lights bright
for joe, the boy skeleton.

tonight they shed some tears,
another boy comes to play,
he approaches quietly to say
"don't hurt me, i'm all but fears."

a new soul in the underworld,
let them right through the door,
we will celebrate like before
the lives that have never been told.

be revealed that betty and joe
are the dreadful king and queen
of the land only the dead have seen,
where ultimately we all must go.

in this beautiful kingdom that we rest,
there used to be a kind prince,
but the colors have faded ever since
someone ripped the heart off his chest.

such dare in committing this deed,
the thought is shared around, "who?"
they accuse each other, "it was you!"
forgetting it is the time to bleed.

angels do not come in here,
they are all so silent again,
plotting against you, my friend,
growing in the seed of fear.

but not all is lost and gone,
for joe is here to protect,
if he dies, he can resurrect,
he'll make you feel you belong.

so stand up and wipe those eyes,
celebrate this one time dance,
don't worry, give it one chance,
you'll find it better than any skies.

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