Sunday, January 2, 2011

rape, murder, just a shadow away

before i depart without say,
let's us celebrate this day.
an arrow that has pierced deep,
tears the tissue in my sleep.
late night walks in the park,
home for the doomed to dark.
a disfigured attempt of man,
begin to love, no one can.
for those meeting it tonight,
might life not be found so bright.
someone has raped my heart,
burst blood vessels on my back.
both my soul and body abused,
no violent criminal to be accused.
my ears were burned once more,
i can not hear your voice anymore.
pitch black has perpetrated my eyes,
only a memory of clouds in the skies.
no love can remain here,
there's no more room for fear.
numbing, i crawled into a shell,
i have been given the pleasure of hell.
you've forced into me for hours on end,
just a dream, it wasn't you, a friend.
the smell of freshly baked bread,
hovers my body, pronounced dead.
such act has proven the inhumane,
please, wouldn't you rape me again?

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