Friday, January 14, 2011

in my pocket

i have a collection card to trade,
keep it always in my pocket,
try to guess it, it's a comet,
one more time, a charade.

there are some golden coins in there,
hear that shaking sound,
they were lost, now they're found,
touch them, if you dare.

a love draft to my dear,
how beautiful the phrases written,
straight from the heart they were bitten,
i promise, next year.

a long search, here is a caramel,
sweet and good for you,
it's brown, not blue,
let me play the tubular bell.

the other has some keys,
i wonder the mysteries they reveal,
a new world, not so real,
inhabited by animals and frozen peas.

such amazing things,
can fit into this tiny place,
a little piece of your face,
and six guitar strings.

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