Monday, September 2, 2019


the trauma in my head,
became the monster in my bed
and I can't sleep – not very deep –,
and I can't rest – how I detest! –
because the monster, at night, it snores
and it moves, and it rages, and it roars!

I'm counting seconds as eons on Earth,
regretting everything, forsaking my birth!
I long for nothing, care for no crown,
set me free from the chains that weigh me down
since the cursed day when I made you mine
as I uttered the words "be my valentine..."

"forever," she said and "forever," I replied
and as the days went by, "forever" I complied,
because "forever" didn't feel like forever at the time,
“forever” felt so easy when we were in our prime
and we cursed ourselves forever with “forever”
and they watched us do it, saying nothing whatsoever…

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