Sunday, February 24, 2013

the ghost of you

the ghost of an unseen past
has corrupted my mind,
for that echo may well last
more lives than i can find.

if i find truth in your eyes,
in me there may be hope
dressed in a black disguise
that's hanging from a rope.

there's a rope around my throat
and poison through my veins,
it's her words i still quote
"abandon me in chains."

these chains around my heart
split opened me in two,
it's neither science nor art -
it's the absence of you.

as with the absence of a drug,
i can't control the shakes -
i feel not a man but a bug
that thrives on self-mistakes.

do forgive the mistake i am,
leave and be forever gone,
it's me and me that i condemn
and sentence to be alone.

i'm alone deep in my soul,
i can't forget and i can't leave -
i've this love i cannot control
and a passion that's still naive.

my passion is a blinded fool,
these chains to bear are mine,
for those words were as cruel
as a dagger through my spine.

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