Monday, January 21, 2013

a dinner best served cold

we talked and agreed to meet
and we'd do it tonight,
my thoughts, never so sweet,
completely blurred my sight.

it all seemed fine,
a perfect waking dream,
up until o'clock nine
when all light grew dim.

for our first dinner,
i prepared a trick and a treat,
should you feel as a sinner,
i'd cleanse you head to feet.

the table for two was set,
but of you no sign was read,
how could i just forget
god himself wishes me dead.

i started to worry
"what could have i done?"
i felt anger and fury
that i was mocked and alone.

i kept thinking "all i did,
i did it out of passion,
the greatest feeling i ever hid
was my dearest possession."

i will shut my only door,
for i am in over my head,
because i'll spend once more
the night alone in my bed.

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