Wednesday, June 20, 2012

a dream of a dream

i had a horrid vision of my demise,
my flesh was torched and ripped,
my bones were sold as a hunter's prize
so only void would fill my crypt.

they sent reapers in angel's wings
to stop terror from taking me over
as i'd watch them crooked beings
disguised as my one true lover.

my neck was punctured fiercely
by their ragged wicked claws,
my organs were torn scarcely
and no one recognized who i was.

as i gasped for one more breath
there was only one of whom i thought
and it was enough to savor death
before my shards began to rot.

i remember holding a smile
mocking what was bestowed upon me
without a chance to go to trial
and perform my humiliating plea.

my heart was carefully spared
to suffocate for times on end,
to be pointed at and stared
and into the flames of hell descend.

still i carried my lover's eye
caged in my fading memory,
so i could just ask her why
she'd punish me with treachery.

then i woke to a painful grudge
and kissed my lover's cheek,
because i loved her just too much
i killed her. i am weak.

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