Saturday, January 21, 2012

alice's monologue through the looking glass

have you not heard, dear alice?
you're not in wonderland anymore,
your tears won't form a pool
to meet some bird friends on the shore.

stop crying about the key,
because there ain't even a door!
the mysterious eat me cake
doesn't make you as tall as before.

you might have kept your party
if dinah didn't eat mice.
you sure scared them to death
and that wasn't quite so nice.

you shouldn't chase rabbits
and be so curious all around.
sooner or later, a girl should know,
every mischief will be found.

after fighting a mother pigeon
and outgrowing the tallest tree,
you find, in a two-faced mushroom,
a curious caterpillar - ain't he?

but all these strange animals
go on talking such nonsense!
when you actually say a word,
they take it as an offence!

the lady with the pig-baby,
a duchess as they called her!
remember the cheshire cat
had a grin, but not a purr!

and it sure didn't help you choose
between the hatter and the hare,
for the buttered pocket watch
couldn't tell the time as it were.

in a table set for many
there were no more than three,
and you sat along with them
as they offered you some tea.

while you were listening stories,
there was no ticking in between,
so they kept switching places
rather randomly - it would seem!

then you decided to leave,
unannounced as you came,
to reach that familiar hall
to which now you know the game.

speaking of such, you had to play
to please the temper of the bloody queen.
first you run to seek a friend,
next he's nowhere to be seen.

and the quarrel with the king,
which you were supposed to end,
rested on a couple of heads
that the queen wouldn't mend.

you're such a good girl - you know,
when some people are such a bore!
an open ear for the duchess' morals
and you couldn't bear it anymore!

everything's fine, dear alice,
don't ever you dare to be sad!
you heard the mock turtle sing
now, that's not so bad.

so they sent word for you
to trial that who stole the tarts,
for in the court room they accused
the poor frightened knave of hearts.

and everyone made their presence,
be it as a witness or such.
they had animals for jurors
and the king dressed as judge!

after alice there came a poem,
apparently stripped from any meaning,
as they read each and every verse
'till the end from the beginning.

and everyone went very mad
as you so hastily grew,
that when the sentence was read
it was clearly meant for you.

all the cards pilled up in a stack,
but you angrily threw them a slap.
ain't it the queerest thing
waking up in your sister's lap?

so come on, dear alice,
don't look so glum,
for all that matters
you were much too young!

considering this and all of that,
you are quite surprised to say
that, really deep inside of you,
you'd like to be back someday.

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