Monday, August 1, 2011

a place to die

it came to me one lonely, lonely night,
with no warning (no warning!)
and completely out of light.
i was dreaming of a place,
among the shiny stars in the sky,
but was awaken by a trembling voice
"prepare, for you will die!"

"please, oh please! bringer of death!", i begged
"hear me out, before i part!"
and, horrified, i continued "i have a last wish,
buried deep within my heart.
the pissed bed of a man is surely no place to die,
certainly you must agree.
let me choose a more dignifying space,
a more suitable place for me."

never i expected such demonic creature to comply,
but still, i had to try.
it replied in a weary tone
"i'll walk with you to your resting place. so please, specify."
we traveled to distant lands,
in the shadow without bright.
truth is i was just buying time,
to keep my death out of sight.

it took me to a green field, at the top of the mountain,
under a lonely tree.
"we have come far, this is peaceful and beautiful.
are you ready?" it said to me.
"please, oh please! just a little more
and i know we will find..."
i kept babbling the words
that came vaguely across my mind.

we were now in a crowded place,
so much different from the last.
a fancy cemetery in town,
for those loved in the past.
i prepared my restless plea,
as it raised it's razor sharp knife.
"please, oh please! we are so close,
lend me one last kiss from my wife!"

every time i changed places,
it grew angry and furious.
but still, it had sympathy for me,
that's what made me curious.
only now i realize,
how close i came to truly die.
had it not been for the ripper heart's
failure to spot a lie.

back in the confinement of my room,
i knew it could wait no more.
i had found the perfect resting place,
but was unaware before.
as i stared the face of an angel,
gently sleeping in my bed
"bringer of death" i called
"i am now ready" i finally said.
"i want to die besides the keeper
of my poor and lonely heart,
that's the truth i should have known
right away, from the very start."

"you vile, despicable man!
what have you possibly done?"
said the ferocious creature,
in a dark and eerie tone.
"true love i cannot possibly kill,
even if that is my deepest will!
but should you ever stop"
it warned "i will rip apart the sky.
and then, my dearest friend,
you will most certainly die!"

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