Friday, May 27, 2011

a summer's day delirium

if you ever hear a summer song reaching for you,
look up to see if the sky is still pale blue.
i could wonder all day where the sun has gone,
then i'd childly try to spell it completely wrong.
every action taken in this heat is just waste,
but i don't mind, i keep running and i haste!
whenever i fall i hurt and scratch my knee,
and i crawl and i drag myself under the tree.
beneath that chilling shadow i have all these dreadful dreams,
where everything is beautiful, but never what it seems.
i stare at this angel in a very peculiar disguise,
he says he brings me the news of my demise.
my eyes are forced open in the most startling terror,
repeatedly i convince my heart it wasn't the death bearer.
as i gasp for air, it's harder and harder to breath,
a man passes by and he ignores me - oh, the greed!
i hope my godless soul holds strength until tomorrow,
the day a peace pigeon flies away with this sorrow.
it tears apart the clouds as it speeds in such hurry,
and the leafs above my head fade - it's all so blurry!
what if all i ever did in this life cut short was mistaken?
i question myself how can every heart be already taken.
every woman i glance passes through me like a ghost,
but a simple kiss on the forehead is what i want the most.
all in all this is but the delirium of a soon to be death,
and i so truly believe everything has rightfully been said.

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