Tuesday, March 1, 2011


i go crazy by your silhouette,
though we have never actually met.
not the prettiest girl in town,
but she makes the show go down.
those kinky reddish meaty lips,
shall we kiss and see if it fits?
when she walks by in her heels,
like a smoothing melody it feels.
i hunger to hold you by the hips
while my reason away gently slips.
i contort my every bone to hold myself,
she's a lusty book luring from the shelf.
when you pose in the balcony,
another man takes over me.
to her i desire my stories translated,
before the whole love becomes outdated.
but it's your silhouette that i crave,
the raging poison that makes me brave.
if you ever hear a word i said,
come to me before i'm dead.

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